The Lucky Jesters Jackpot

Your luck can make you a billionaire in a single second or you will be bankrupt the other second. My faith over my luck increased when an incident happened to me which changed my life. It made me a millionaire over the night. My story started one year back when I am working on my cousin’s laptop. He is fond of playing online games. When, I am surfing over the internet for the useful work. A popup window clinked on my screen and it is asking me to click on that.

As I am working from long time and I am feeling tired also. So for the sake of some fun and entertainment I clicked over that window. That window is about the jackpot play. This started at the same time I landed over there. This is a new play started over the newly launched gaming website. So, they are seeking attention of the new customers. For which they are giving extra bonus and extra opportunity for the players. I also wanted to try my luck over this. Firstly, I want to explain this to you. This is a very simple and easy to play. This is a slot of 3 reels which consists of one pay line. The theme of this is fun court jester. The reels are consisted of traditional symbols of Las Vegas style. After going through the rules and regulations of the game an enthusiasm for playing this appeared in my mind.

So, I also started to try my luck over this. Firstly, I started playing this with the free bonus coins which site provided me at starting. As I started playing, sometimes I won and sometimes I lost, but after some time my free coins are ended. So, I think of playing the premium version. After investing some dollars I got paid coins. After that also my losing streak continued, but as my paid bonuses are ending I tried my luck for one last time. As I spin the reel the combination of jester hat which is the symbol of jackpot. This means I hit the jackpot and I won the prize many more times I lost and become leaky. I won the million dollars over the night. I enjoyed a lot, so I am suggesting you also to try your luck for one time there.

The High Life slot game

You all have heard about the Melbourne city. That is my birth place and I love this city very much. The life of this city is amazing. There are many beautiful places to visit. There are many pubs and casino places where I can gamble or betting easily. Basically playing games are the best hobby to release your stress and tensions. I use to play atleast one hour in a day. One game I mostly prefer to play is the high life. This is very famous game in the gambling world. I remembered it was the vacations that time I spent my most of time with games like slots, aussie pokies, blackjack, poker etc.

While playing any pokies or other considers your budget, how much you want to spend on your game. Never play if you are going over budget. Or if you want to play these at home then playing online is the best option for you. Today’s technology has become very advance. With the new gadgets like iPad, iPhones android devices, tablets and windows life is very easy. In my city the high life café is also very famous for these amazing worlds, where I can my favorite amusements. One day I was heavily drunk and played the whole night. That was amazing experience of mine. The all gamers easily develop the gambling habbit into addiction. Pokie are the best gaming machine in which the playing is very easy for everyone. I hope this knowledge of mine will be helpful for you.

The Fun of Micro gaming with Grand 7s

One day I am surfing over the internet for some fun and amusement. I started to hear some music over the internet. But after hearing music for 30 minutes I started feeling bored. Then I had gone through the youtube for some funny videos. But it was also not able to entertain me for more than an hour. Then a word of my friend stuck in my mind. Once he said that he enjoyed a lot with the online poker games. Then it suddenly struck into my mind that I also have to try it for one time. So, I didn’t wait for that and started searching for that. There are lots of results displayed to me regarding this. I landed on a website naming jackpot city. They provided me a long list for applying my luck. I am going through this long list, and then a popup box appeared on my screen. This is giving me information about the Grand 7s. I clicked on that popup box for checking this.

As I clicked on that they landed me on a web page. It is showing a very catchy and amazing play. In this the number which matters is only 7. You have to try your luck for the combination of 7. This is a classic 3 reel slot play. In this there is only single pay line. The reels in this did not consist of any wild symbols. There is only one thing to mention on the reels that is the lucky number. Then I think that I also have to try my luck over this machine. Then I searched for the playing rules and regulations. They provided a separate place for the learners get the whole information about this.

When I started going through the rules on this. The rules are very simple and easy to understand. So, it took only 10 minutes for me to understand this. Then I started playing this with the free bonus they provided me at the time of Signup. That amount is of 1 million virtual bonuses. So, I started trying my luck over this. I only have to click the spin button and declare my bet. I started playing it. I tried my luck for the first time, second time, but I am not that much lucky that I can win a healthy amount.

The Best and Free Machine for Beginners

Classic online games are never out-dated even new and fresh online pokers Australia are introduced. Microgaming will never be tired of giving us slot machines that are well crafted for the benefits of both newbies and professional casino players. In this review, you’ll be learning about the Sonic Boom machine, which is definitely one of the best classic and simple pokie games to play.

This is a 1 line and 3 reels common Vegas-style slot game. Form winning combinations to these three spinning reels to gain prizes and bonuses. Bet more coins to get higher payline in every spin.

In a single game interface, the paytable, reels and logo are displayed. This avoids the need to change screens to gain necessary details about the casino. Moreover, crisp, clear, and bright graphics are included in the machine. This makes an attractive and appealing atmosphere for players that boost their interests on the machine. The jet fighter themed Australian game machine has seamless graphics and music that entertains the players all throughout the game. As an exchange, you’ll get big prizes as much as 2,500 coins. Isn’t it great?

This online machine is one of the recommended pokers for new online players. This is a free online Australian game that allows them to experience frequent payouts and exciting features. Even seasoned players are attracted with the game topographies, bonuses, and prizes, too. Players always consider the Wild Multiplies symbols that give 4x multipliers for every winning combination.

With 0.05 to 5 denominations, you can already start playing this pokie for real money or for free. Bet as much as 10 per spin or 0.05 as a minimum wage.

The Sonic Boom Plane is the most important symbol and a wild card that substitute other reel line and symbols. The winnings are doubled when only wild appears. Multiply your winnings 4 times of you’re lucky to get 2 wilds in a spin. Play the jackpot if you get the 3 wilds, which is equivalent to 1200 and 1500, still depends on the betting level.